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Dave Levit: Vice-President/CEO
In 1990 Dave and Kristen started Acutrak Solutions, doing repairs in a spare bedroom and offering live sound services. Today he has a staff of five working at the 6500 square foot modern facility.

Dave's specialties include; Sound System Design, Sound System Installation, System Alignment/Sound System Calibration utilizing SmaartLive and several other proprietary tools, Live Sound Engineering, Pro Sound Sales, and Pro Audio Consulting.


Paul DiMatteo: Speaker Repair Technician
Paul has been reconing speakers since 1980, and joined the Acutrak staff in 1993.

Paul's duties include Woofer Reconing, Tweeter Repair, Crossover Network Repair, Powered Speaker Service, Speaker Input Assembly Repair, and Speaker Enclosure Modifications.


Julian Balboa: Sound Engineer

Julian is one of our Live Sound Engineers and on FOH or Monitors will make your show special. He is also a very knowledgeable and talented Lighting Designer and can enhance a performance to its fullest. No matter what he makes a show sparkle just by being there.


Kevin Troy:  Sound Company Engineer, Warehouse, and Cable Manufacturing

Kevin is a newer addition to the Acutrak staff. Kevin started out as a Stage Tech for the Sound Company and in addition to be a key person on our show sites, provides FOH Engineering. He also works directly with our Custom Cable Manufacturing Department. You can also find him working with Engineering for Special Project Manufacturing, helping us implement our On-site System Solutions and Integrations.   He also helps keep the Blackhawks flame burning all year round!


Boris "Bo" Diddley

In January 2022 we added Boris to the family. He is a very active puppy and loves Astro and his entire Acutrak family. As he grows we are becoming amazed at the smart and sweet dog that he is. He will certainly be happy take care of eradicating any squirrels, rabbits, birds, or other furry animals upon request .

20151023_120032 Edited


Dave found Astro wandering around our parking lot at 5:30PM on a Saturday night; no tags, no collar, no chip. We put up posters in the neighborhood, but no one claimed him. He and Bulli really loved each other from the start and Bulli agreed to help Astro learn to to be the wonderful doggy that he turned out to be. He wins your heart over quickly to entice you into playing ball or Frisbee with him. Thankfully, Astro gave up his hobby of chasing skunks.



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Acutrak Solutions is a proud member of NSCA.

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Synergetic Audio Concepts is an audio training company dedicated to provideing practical, in-depth training on the priciples of audio and acoustics. We strive to improve the accessibility of this information by providing a collaborative online environment of connected resources that encourages synergetic sharing and fosters the exchange of ideas.

Acutrak Solutions is proud to be a member of SynAudCon.

At Acutrak Solutions we provide the finest in Professional Audio Sales, Rentals, Service and Event Production, utilizing the top manufacturers in the business.

In addition we provide many custom services, including:
Sound System Design
Sound System Installation
Custom Cable Manufacturing
Custom Connector Panels